A Tearful Validation

Not often do I know where my sold articles will be published, but I do, occasionally, copy and paste a large portion of my original article into Google’s search bar, to see if I can locate where it was published. Today, I did just that with my most recent sold article which was an extensive, informative, health-related write-up. The information was created during a very serious health condition I encountered.

Maybe that is why my heart nearly skipped a beat when I saw my written words credited to someone else. I felt as though I sold a child of mine.

Of course, I have written and sold other articles which are not credited to me, but, those articles were not gleaned from my own personal experience, they were business presentations, research projects, nothing personally relevant to me.

In essence, my reaction this morning served to validate my conviction to abandon ghostwriting and concentrate on my own authorship.

“Never dare to sell your soul for money, because no amount of wealth would buy you an air conditioner in hell.”
― Edmond Mbiaka



5 thoughts on “A Tearful Validation

  1. It’ll break my heart to have my work published in someone else’s name, Even though I’ve taken money for it. I’m not a ghostwriter but I truly understand how you feel. I guess ghostwriting is a choice you made for a reason. And now that you are feeling this way about it, I think it’s time to begin to author your work- I call it your ‘sweat’.


    1. Exactly. I started ghostwriting for the money, which was truly pittance, not worth it. I didn’t mind writing articles for a business web site, those weren’t personal. But, the one I wrote, giving tips for recovering at home after breast cancer surgery, came from my heart. I only earned $75 USD, and I was happy to get the money, but I learned a very valuable lesson from that sale. My writings will have my name on them.

      Thank you so very much for stopping by and taking time to leave a comment! Have a terrific day!

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  2. I know how you feel. Start writing for yourself. Money isn’t everything in our world and if you can do it, do it for yourself. I’m done with ghostwriting too ❤️


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