An Early Morning Conversation

Me:     I hate this waiting game. I know they’re going to reject everything I’ve written, especially the longer story. I rushed it because the queue was growing and I was afraid my story wouldn’t make it in before they filled their story quotas. I don’t like how the story ended. Any reader can see it was rushed. I’m sure there are ‘holes’ in the storyline.

Self:     No response.

Me:     Maybe I’m just not cut out for this genre of writing.

Self:     Really? So, what kind of genre are you cut out for?

Me:     I don’t know anymore. I’m wondering if maybe all I can do is write informative articles.

Self:     I heard that. I heard the dirty word, “ghostwriter”. You know, I know everything you’re thinking. I can hear you! After all, I am your mind. It sounds like you want to have a pity party, eh?

Me:     Oh, f-off!

Self:     Yeah. That’s the spirit. Get mad and give up.

Me:      I’ve got things to do today. I can’t write today anyway.

Self:     I know. But, you will be writing in your mind, won’t you? You always do. And you are trying to divert your attention, like switching up the layout of this blog.

Me:     Yeah. I think I need a new design. More modern. More upbeat.

Self:     Nothing wrong with that. After all, you are designing your ‘brand’. And you need to take a newer picture of yourself. You’ll have fixed your hair and makeup before your errands today, take the damn picture!

Me:     Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Self:     WTF was that? Singing the Beatles?

Me:     No response.

Self:     Fine. Buck up! Go eat breakfast. Shower. Make out your to-do list for today.

Me:     No response. But I will finish this post and go to the kitchen to eat, then shower, then make out the list.


“We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” – Maya Angelou

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