Crazy for Commas, and Other Thoughts

Crazy for Commas

Since my son was out of town this past week, I was unable to send him my document for review and suggestions. The deadline for my story is not until the end of August, but, I know that there are many gifted writers submitting their stories for the same publication. So, I jumped the gun and submitted my story after a dozen re-reads, making minor changes. The worst part – my over-thinking and going comma crazy! It always seems that after submitting a story, I will find an error or more. The weird part is that just last year, I was a transcriptionist, my grammar had to be perfect! And, it was! But, there is a huge difference between transcribing business-text and writing stories. My imagination must compensate with commas. Feeling sad about this.

Software Woes

My old version of Word 2003 is acting up. I think Microsoft is doing this on purpose within its Windows updates, they are hoping I will become frustrated and BUY/SUBSCRIBE to a newer version. Well, guess what, Microsoft, I can’t afford it! In the meanwhile, I will use Libre, or Open Office, or go ahead and purchase Scrivner which would be a one-time cost instead of Microsoft bleeding me dry. Pooey on Microsoft!

Dedicating a Week for Reading

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As a result of feeling overwhelmed with my dark story and that I left so much out of the storyline, I have decided to concentrate on my mental health this week and read instead of write. I went to my local library’s online menu and downloaded one book. While I was there, I wondered if any of my author friends’ books were available. After putting in a dozen or more names, none of their books were listed. I wondered if self-published authors were not included in libraries. Google informed me that self-published authors must do their own promoting to libraries. Asking authors in a Facebook group to which I belong, if any of their books were available at their library, one author commented that she donated a copy of her book to her local library, and that is how she got in! So, it can work, hitting the old pavement.

“A best-seller was a book which somehow sold well
because it was selling well.”
– Daniel J. Boorstin

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