Just Another Freakin’ Friday

Photo Copyright: Mishal Ibrahim
July 15 – 19, 2019

  • Monday

    – Washed all bedding, including cat’s
    – Post and balance bills
    – Write
    – Enjoyed the overwhelming feeling of accomplishments

  • Tuesday

    – Accompany Hubby for Pain Management injection
    – Take Hubby to lunch after injection
    – Drive home and take a much-needed nap
    – At bedtime, awakened by Hubby complaining about feeling hot and thinking he was having an allergic reaction to the meds. He informed me that he might die during the night.
    – Slept restlessly.

  • Wednesday

    – Write
    – Write
    – Felt good about current work in progress
    – Received another rejection

  • Thursday

    – Reassessed current work in progress
    – Feelings of not hitting the mark for the topic
    – Not writing
    – Apply the first coat of stain to the dresser.
    – More re-assessing
    – Researched other submission resources that actually pay, remembered the good feeling of being paid when ghostwriting…
    – Tried to remember my goal of building an author page on Amazon. To achieve that I must be published in anthologies, which so far, I’ve only three stories published in two anthologies.
    – Resolved to submit my rejected stories elsewhere. Time to move onward.
    – Looking at doing some ghostwriting, but feeling that that is a step backwards.

  • Friday

    – Same old Friday chores
    – Return to work-in-progress, let it flow.
    – Do something for me to lift my spirit.
    – Order baby shower gift!!!
    – Make a plan for next week:

    – No writing! Take a step back!
    – Physical labour work!
    – 2nd coat of stain on the dresser
    – Reset scaffold height and begin masking living room beams

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal:
it is the courage to continue that counts.”

– Winston Churchill


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