Lonely in Accomplishment

Did you know?

I cannot compete with those who have lived their lives “properly”.

I came from a low-class environment. I was taught how useless my life was.

I was beaten down. My spirit was broken.

And then I became a rebel.

I divorced. I ran away to start a new life.

During that new life, no one knew what a failure I was. No one knew the lessons I was taught by my mother.

I met, intertwined with persons … a military leader, he was the Capt. of the Guard for the ….

The finance minister of ….. came to work for us. He tried to rape me… told me that it was a custom to have another woman… he was married. I was married. It was not my custom.

When my husband died, many men flocked to my doorstep, including hockey coaches for my sons. One of them told me that if I didn’t sleep with him, my son wouldn’t win the award for… I refused him.

My son won the award. Later I heard that another mother who had slept with him was quite upset.

It wasn’t easy.

I will not apologize for being who I am. I am not the “butterflies and unicorns” type of female that posts all that crap on facebook. I am fucking REAL.

I have been through hell and back.

I make apologies to no one.

If I am not of your caliber, … that only means that you are not of my caliber and couldn’t walk a day in my shoes.

“I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.”
– Franklin D. Roosevelt

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