Revenge and Cockroaches

While being down with a blasted sinus infection or cold, my brain fog has disallowed me from writing, or even thinking, for that matter. But, I wanted to pay a little bit of attention to my blog, so I’m sharing a tiny, apocalyptic drabble named, Revenge and Cockroaches.:

Bowls of hog jowls, turnip greens, fried potatoes, and grits were on the kitchen table. Cletus yelled from the living room while removing his smelly socks, “What’s takin’ so long, woman? Dinner should be hot and on the table when I get home!”

“It’s ready. I’m pouring lemonade.”

At the table, Cletus unzipped his pants and loaded his plate. Behind him, Dixie poured white powder into Cletus’ glass of lemonade, thinking, “You bastard, after this, you won’t be complainin’ no mo’.”

Suddenly, blinding light flashed outdoors with a concussion-blast vaporizing everyone and everything – except cockroaches, they were drinking bubbly lemonade.

“It’s okay to rest and heal.”
– Sue Marie St. Lee

Featured Image Copyright: MasterTux

4 thoughts on “Revenge and Cockroaches

    1. Thanks, Priscilla. This was rejected from a “vanity press” anthology themed “Apocalypse”. I don’t like micro-fiction, reading nor writing it. But, being under the weather, I wanted to post something here.
      Thanks for commenting! 😀


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