Welcome to Hades

I have two books that I am in the process of reading AND working on my Sins novel, and my late son’s memoir AND have written and submitted a crazy story based on one of Lewis Carroll’s stories. I doubt that my submission will be accepted – my characters’ actions might seem irreverent. That wouldn’t bother me except for the fact that the publication is for a non-profit entity, Books in Homes, and although these youngsters might enjoy my story, the powers-that-be may find my humor a little “raw”, therefore reject it for inclusion in the publication. Oh well, I’m not fretting over a rejection. I have honestly learned that it is more important for me to let my stories ‘write themselves’ and enjoy writing them. As an author friend said, “…stories find their audience…”.

Some of my rejected drabbles will find their home on my blog. It makes it easy to post something when I don’t have time to write. With that thought in mind, I offer you my 100-word drabble:

Welcome to Hades

“Buckle up and drink this, we arrive in 24 hours. Aren’t you excited?” Dana prepared 12-year-old twins, Levi and Luca, for the trip. The elixir would make the boys sleep while Rod and Dana commanded the flight to Pleiades 69.

Levi grumbled and drank the elixir, “Who cares about seeing them? I sure don’t.”

“I do,” Dana countered, “They’re our descendants!”

The vessel gyrated violently in the Pleiades 69 atmosphere. The brutal landing rendered Rod and Dana unconscious until loud ripping of the hatch awakened them.

The strange being in the doorway proclaimed, “Welcome to Hades, Great Grandma.”

Featured Image Courtesy of:  kalhh

“Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.”
– Mark Twain

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