A Glance Back & Full Speed Ahead

The first day of a new year and a new decade causes many of us to reflect on the events of the past year. Eddie D. Moore, an author, and friend to me has written a phenomenal recap of his successful writing-year.

Here is his post!

Eddie D. Moore

The year 2019 was loaded with personal drama and some major life changes, but it turned out to be my most productive year as an author so far. I published or have contracted to publish 43,500 words in 110 stories. It was truly an awesome year!

My self-set goal last year was to publish in at least 12 anthologies. I reached that goal by July and ended the year with contracts for 29 anthologies. In addition to that, I published two mini-anthologies myself bringing the total to 31!

It is my mini-anthologies, Misfits & Oddities and After Storming Area 51, which make my heart swell with pride. If you ask me, I believe that audio is the ultimate form of story-telling. I love audiobooks, and publishing these two mini-anthologies gave me the opportunity to reach goals that I counted among dreams when I started writing.

Misfits & Oddities was the…

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