The Eve of Poe’s Death

The time is nearly upon us. Today, October 6, 2020, is the eve of Edgar Allan Poe’s 171st death anniversary. October winds are stripping our oaks of their leaves while spiders try to sneak underfoot anytime our entry-door opens, seeking warmth — only to be stalked and killed by our cat. Halloween is around the corner and neighbors are busy decorating their lawns with ghoulish figures, grave markers, ghosts, and black cats. I wonder if they are aware of the significance of tomorrow, October 7th? I wonder if they have ever read anything the original master of macabre has written? I wonder if they know about tomorrow’s release of “Poe-ish Tales Forevermore”, the mini-anthology where my story, “Rhapsodie de Claire Elise”, makes its debut.

I wonder if anyone will recognize how four authors, writing under the influence of Poe, have marked the day with a celebration of his life through their stories?

In case you are wondering if this short-read is worth your time, here is a little excerpt from my story, “Rhapsodie de Claire Elise”:

…Even now, as I tell you this, a butterfly’s wings fluttering outside my window on the lilac bush are composing a sonata in my brain. It is a beautiful movement of complementary chords and scattered singular notes, airy and light, a bit breezy and free until I hear the praying mantis approach. Darkness finds its way into my arrangement as the butterfly struggles for its life. Bass chords pound out of tune while treble notes tinkle with great ferocity until they slow to a dying cadence. There, there it is, the final chord of this, the first movement of my sonata, Beauté Dévorée…”

Poe-ish Tales Forevermore is available for pre-order now in Kindle, paperback, and audio formats. Click here to go to Amazon’s page: “Poe-ish Tales Forevermore

Be warned, these stories are true to Poe’s madness!

“Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.”
– Edgar Allan Poe


4 thoughts on “The Eve of Poe’s Death

    1. Thank you so much, Priscilla. I thoroughly enjoyed writing my story. I honestly think that I somehow channeled Poe himself!
      The other stories are different from mine which is inspired by Poe’s “Berenice”, one of my favorite stories by Poe. I loved getting into my madman’s mind!
      Thank you again for stopping by! And, commenting! 😀

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