A New Year Begins

Reviewing my spreadsheet of stories written and published in 2020, my total word count could have produced one single novella — 20,000 words short of one novel for the entire year. This news is discomforting.

The total number of poems/stories published is seventeen — four more than the previous year.

Before arriving at this revelation, I decided that in 2021, I would stay away from anthologies and focus on writing tales that shout my creativity unrestricted by word count or someone else’s imagination. And then, on a perfectly cold, rainy day, I received an invitation to participate in an upcoming anthology.

Being invited to participate in an anthology is an honor, your story is already accepted — unseen/unwritten. It is an honor and I accepted. My main character showed up in my mind one day later, complete with her story — now, all I have to do is write it. No problem, right? I know how to write. I have found my writer’s voice, all should be easy peasy.

Not so. As I realized while transferring appointments and due dates to the new calendar, I noticed a forgotten upcoming medical appointment for my husband several days from today. That medical appointment will be to schedule a long-overdue surgery. My real-life story will interfere with the creation of my horror story.

I must withdraw from the anthology with deep regret.

After my husband’s surgery and recovery, I will reassess my writing goals for 2021.

Choose your friends with caution;
plan your future with purpose,
and frame your life with faith.

-Thomas S. Monson


9 thoughts on “A New Year Begins

    1. Haha, no, I don’t count my blog posts, and this blog is sheer evidence of not keeping up with any form of regular postings.

      I visited one of my other blogs this morning where my last post was three years ago, and then, three years prior. That seems like a pattern to me.

      Change is in the air for me… I’ll be closing some doors and re-aligning my aspirations and goals.


  1. For me, I have a backlog of flash fiction, short stories and poems completed, but not published for occasions like this. I send them to writing contests that pay (sometimes not much) but do not publish, so I keep the rights.

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