About The Photo Trunk

It all began one magic Christmas when a young schoolgirl received her very own Kodak Brownie Instamatic camera. Hooked immediately on photography, I soon learned this was a very expensive hobby — film, flashbulbs and development were bought through perseverance to earn money by babysitting, mowing the neighbor’s lawn, I even had a paper route!

Things have changed an awful lot since that time, so have the cameras and equipment that I own, not to mention the thousands of slides and photographs in my personal collection that had begun to deteriorate. I began digitizing this massive photo collection and through my deep desire to save these treasured memories, studied photo restoration, retouching, digital manipulation, enhancement, color correction, compositing, and endless creative techniques.

Over the past ten years, my projects expanded beyond personal and family photo restorations, to friends, colleagues, friends-of-friends and finally, to the public through the internet and local marketing. Thus, The Photo Trunk LLC was born out of love to preserve those cherished memories captured on film.

You can feel confident in my ability to restore, retouch, enhance or otherwise alter your photographs because I know first-hand how important these memories are and will treat your photos with the same loving attention as my own.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or you pay nothing!