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I am sharing this article for the benefit of all my author associates. Paula covers the conundrum of marketing, free book giveaway weekends, and how some of the recipients let the ebooks sit.

I was one of the guilty ones with letting Paula’s book sit on my Kindle, waiting for the perfect time to sit, relax and read.

For me, there will never be a perfect time to sit, relax and read. I have finally admitted that and, am starting Paula’s “Stone Angels” this afternoon. I may not be able to dedicate a full hour or even half an hour for reading, but, reading is something I enjoy, and am making a concerted effort to escape reality, even if it’s only for a short period of time.

Here’s Paula’s article:

From The Funeral Birds To As The Crow Flies

Dianne Stadhams has asked me: I know from reading your regular blogs that you have tried a variety of marketing routes to generate sales, Paula. Did the freebie sales weekend in USA (which I seem to recall ended with you listed as an Amazon Best Seller… well done) generate the scale of volume sales (post freebie) you hoped for?

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In answer to Dianne’s question I shall try to explain from my point of view. To start with I don’t have any other novel sale records to compare my sales of Stone Angels with as it is my first published novel. Personally, I’m not happy with my sales so far, but this could be because as a new author you compare yourself to the best selling authors like J.K. Rowling, and expect your first book to be an overnight success. In the cold light of…

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