A Dream Come True

Filled with childlike excitement, I am sharing with you my nomination for Author of the Month at Spillwords Press. It is a true honor to be considered for this nomination and I am deeply grateful to all who made this nomination possible. But, there is one more step. I need your votes! <-- VOTE  HERE!!... Continue Reading →

From Book to Screen… How You Can Help

Have you had the opportunity to help a fellow author turn their book into a movie? No? Well, now is your chance! David Bowmore's novel, The Magic of Deben Market, is contending with other novels for the chance to be produced on the silver screen! I have read the book and fell in love with... Continue Reading →

The Voice of God?

While contemplating my dark writing, a poet friend encouraged me to publish some of my old writings - poems. I am elated at the compliments these writings have earned. Beyond simple comments, votes and "like" clicks, I was honored to have an established voice-over actor put my poem to video. The man, Alan Johnson, is... Continue Reading →

Poem of the Month

This could be it! My poem, "Out of Love" is featured at Spillwords. Currently, it is one of the four most popular writings this month. With your help, it could vie for this month's most popular poem. To vote, you will need to register with your email and password. Don't worry, Spillwords does not spam... Continue Reading →

A Sad Love Poem

When I began this blog, I wasn't quite sure what my intentions were, other than a place where I could announce upcoming publications of my work, and share author-friends' milestones. And that is pretty much what has happened here over the past year. I don't write here on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis... Continue Reading →

My Next Goal

While working on short stories, I took a little break to expand my presence into the poetry world. Although I prefer writing stories, I loved reading and writing poetry as a young girl and throughout my younger days. My late husband and I would sit on the floor of the living room, light candles, put... Continue Reading →

Zoey Xolton’s 2019 in Review!

My friend, Zoey Xolton has had quite an impressive year!

I have told her very often that she is an inspiration to everyone who knows her. She certainly has inspired me to keep on keeping on.

Not only is she extremely talented, but she is also quick to help when she sees that someone is in need of direction or encouragement.

I cannot believe that it’s the last day of 2019…like, when did that happen!? Whilst this year has been somewhat personally tumultuous, it has been an unbelievably fantastic year from a writing perspective, and I honestly have doubts whether I’ll ever experience it’s like, again! Read on for my accomplishments & some well-deserved shout outs!

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