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     Sometimes, real-life interferes with writing. Even though I am retired, there seems to be less time available for the things I want to do than when I was working in a high-stress, full-time position. I was extremely organized. Although I am still a freak for being organized, my husband will oftentimes ask me to do... Continue Reading →


CAN'T MAKE IT TO AREA 51? WONDERING WHAT YOU'RE MISSING OUT ON? WONDER NO MORE!! LOTS OF SURVIVOR STORIES TO READ! KINDLE  VERSION  FOR  FREE! ONLY THIS WEEKEND! GET YOUR COPY NOW!! AND DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE A REVIEW! "I believe alien life is quite common in the universe, although intelligent life is less so.... Continue Reading →

New Release – Beyond

Truly, I must start writing more for this little blog lest it becomes simply a billboard for publications in which I have partaken. But, not today. Today is another huge release day! Black Hare Press has released its Dark Drabbles Book 4, Beyond. Personally, I have two micro-fiction stories in this release. What kind of... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Hades

Have you ever been so engaged in a novel that you cannot think of anything else? Well, that's been my situation for the past few days as I've been reading Black Hare Press' Storming Area 51: Survivor Tales. Don't stop reading yet, this is not another promo for the book, all I'm going to say... Continue Reading →

Storming Area 51 Now available!

The following is written by one of the authors of Black Hare Press’ “Storming Area 51: Survivor Stories”. ..


This is my fourth appearance in an anthology from Black Hare Press, it is also the longest story to date I’ve written for them. This book as well as my story in this book was an interesting ride.

Dean (head of BHP) was taking a few suggestions for drabbles and short story anthologies and several people kept bringing up the idea of writing for an Area 51 anthology with the FB posts gaining traction. At first Dean was hesitant because of how long it takes to publish a book (At this time ANGELS, the second drabbles book was either just released or about to be released) and he mentioned how little of time not only he and his team would have to get the book released on time but also how short of a window we writers would have to submit our stories. Given the short timeframe, I already began…

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Storming Area 51 Survivor Stories

Black Hare Press' exciting new anthology "STORMING AREA 51" just launched today!!! Are you game enough to join The Storm? Explore the unique, horrifying and entertaining exploits and tales of the survivors from the Storm on Area 51. Perhaps what lies hidden, should sometimes remain so... When an unsuspecting young man from California instigates a... Continue Reading →

Revenge and Cockroaches

While being down with a blasted sinus infection or cold, my brain fog has disallowed me from writing, or even thinking, for that matter. But, I wanted to pay a little bit of attention to my blog, so I'm sharing a tiny, apocalyptic drabble named, Revenge and Cockroaches.: Bowls of hog jowls, turnip greens, fried... Continue Reading →

Summer 2019

     I was reading Stephen King's "On Writing" and one of his anecdotes had to do with the dreaded writing assignment, How I Spent My Summer. Stephen chose to break tradition and not assign the worn-out theme to his class. This started me thinking about how often, or not, I was assigned that theme.... Continue Reading →

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