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500 x 500_Blog_POEFor a limited time, “Poe-ish Tales Forevermore” e-book, is free to download on Amazon. This mini-anthology was produced to celebrate Edgar Alan Poe’s life through stories inspired by Poe’s classics. I fashioned my story, “Rhapsodie de Claire Elise” after Poe’s horrific “Berenice”.


Not sure if this little anthology is something you might enjoy? Below is part of a review of “Poe-ish Tales Forevermore” sent via email from esteemed Philosopher/Writer, Michael H. Mitias:


…The four stories, which comprise the “Poe-ish Tales”, and which I have just finished reading, is a most worthwhile literary undertaking, indeed a major literary project… I have truly enjoyed reading these stories. They are not merely stories, they are also literary works, and I hope they mark the beginning of a new literary trend that should take its place among the major literary genres. They should not hide in a nook of the Amazon world but should reach out to the wider literary world.


…In contrast, the third story is poetic– aesthetically beautiful, seductive, and more importantly magical. I have a gut feeling that the source of this magic is the author’s heart. Much can be said about this kind of heart.


The gore, the Poe-ishness, the dark in itself, the destructive, the indifference to the human or the bracketing of the human (Cf. Story III) –yes, do these and many other aspects of human existence determine our understanding of reality the way we experience it? By what eyes do we see it and by what heart do we feel it? The artistic eye sees more than the eyes of the scientist and sometimes of the philosopher.


To feel fright without being frightened requires a strict artistic vision! In these stories, the expression of fright is aesthetic, not psychological, although its datum is psychological. Even the suspense, which is brilliantly created in the third story, is Poe-ish!


Flourish! Michael


To download your free copy for Kindle, click this link: “Poe-ish Tales Forevermore”.


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