Nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada. This is the amount of writing in 2021 which I have completed and submitted for publication with the exception of a reworked poem sent to Chicken Soup for the Soul. Chicken Soup does not send rejection letters, so, I will not know if my piece of work has been accepted until … More Lately

A Tearful Validation

Not often do I know where my sold articles will be published, but I do, occasionally, copy and paste a large portion of my original article into Google’s search bar, to see if I can locate where it was published. Today, I did just that with my most recent sold article which was an extensive, … More A Tearful Validation

Your vs. One’s

Received notification from one of the online content sellers for whom I write. They scolded me for using the term “one’s” rather than “your”, explaining that “one’s” is standoffish, prudish, unfriendly. Wow! I honestly never thought that deeply about the difference between the two pronouns. In trying to lessen the repetition of words, I often … More Your vs. One’s


And now, for some blogging! “To be is to do – Socrates, To do is to be – Sartre,  Do Be Do Be Do – Sinatra” ― Kurt Vonnegut