A Laid Back Job

What would you think if someone offered to pay you for staying in bed for two months? This offer may sound enticing to over-stressed heads of households, but, there are some restrictions/qualifications before you can be considered for this job. You must be a healthy man or woman between the ages of 24 and 55 … More A Laid Back Job

Two Hours Lost

During overnight tornadic storms, I try to stay awake and listen for the sirens which alert residents to move to their shelters. Those stormy nights are exhausting, the next day is usually non-productive. Yesterday was one of those non-productive days for me. Although I perform my daily chores by making breakfast, cleaning the kitchen, making … More Two Hours Lost

Unsolicited Resources

For my own benefit, as well as anyone who comes across my blog, I will be listing magazines who accept unsolicited manuscripts. Where possible, I will also include the writer’s guidelines. These sites are merely a listing of online publications who accept unsolicited manuscripts. Some of these organizations pay you for your submission while others … More Unsolicited Resources

Novel Software

From mankind’s earliest days, communication grew more and more in importance. The ancient Egyptians found a way to keep their stories alive for generations to come. Their writing tools were archaic, stone tablets and a chisel-like tool. My, how things have changed since then. I remember writing stories, articles for a local newspaper, back in … More Novel Software