Procrastination is Like Constipation

The forecasters have warned us, dating back to last week, about impending bad weather. It’s been cloudy and damp. Today, however, the cloudy skies are definitely threatening severe conditions, and I did not take my own advice yesterday in prepping our “evacuation” bag, there just wasn’t enough time. While writing this post, I am backing … More Procrastination is Like Constipation


Tornado Ready

We are in for a stormy day today! Before I delve into my research and writing, I will be prepping, in the event, we need to take cover in the storm shelter. Ah, the good life of Midwestern living. So, how does one prep for a possible tornado? Here are some ideas: • Use a … More Tornado Ready

A Tearful Validation

Not often do I know where my sold articles will be published, but I do, occasionally, copy and paste a large portion of my original article into Google’s search bar, to see if I can locate where it was published. Today, I did just that with my most recent sold article which was an extensive, … More A Tearful Validation