My Geosentience

          If I were wealthy, one of the first adjustments in my life would be to change my residence. I would buy a modest home in New Zealand and live there during fall and winter months – May through August. I would also buy a modest home in Alberta, Canada and spend September through April, enjoying their fall through spring. In this way, the rest of my life would be lived in beautiful places and climates which I love. No more blasted summers for me!

          I have read about people who are Geosentient, emotionally affected by changes in weather. Most of these people become depressed and lethargic during cloudy, rainy days. Not me! Actually, when it is cloudy, I become physically invigorated. I’ll turn up the stereo to oldies music and begin working on a variety of projects, some of which have been neglected, like our living room reparations after the destructive ceiling flood in 2017. It’s been slow, hard work for me.

          This week, I had great intentions to begin masking the vaulted ceiling beams and finish sanding the ceiling which is a little rough since I removed the popcorn-finish. I had re-adjusted the scaffolding to fit my height, bruising myself during that process, but, the scaffold was ready for me to begin work last Monday. That didn’t happen. My degenerative disc disease decided it had been quiet far too long and reared its ugliness last Saturday.

          I have been nearly useless this week, until today where my pain is allowing me to be slightly more active. But, I won’t be working on my ceiling. Today, my plans include cooking lunch for hubby, folding laundry, sorting through and scheduling monthly bill payments and finally, returning to my novel, the memoir of my late son.

          Looking forward to saying “bye-bye” to back pain until next time.

“Pain is weakness leaving the body.”


4 thoughts on “My Geosentience

  1. I hope your back behaves itself. When your back hurts, you realize how you use back muscles in EVERY type of movement!

    I like breezy weather the best, but I suspect it’s not a weather thing really. I think it’s that the wind keeps the flies and mosquitoes at bay.

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    1. Oh, yes, we use our back in every movement. Besides inherited problems, I suffered a car wreck 20+ years ago which could have killed me. I was thankful to be able to move, even with pain.

      Thanks for commenting!


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