A Writer’s Year in Review – 2019

     In 2019, many of my author friends have made a collage snapshot of all the publications in which their writings have appeared during the year. Many of these pictorial displays are quite impressive and have caused me to explore my own, less than impressive, writing year.      My year began with ghostwriting for several freelance writing … More A Writer’s Year in Review – 2019

A Tearful Validation

Not often do I know where my sold articles will be published, but I do, occasionally, copy and paste a large portion of my original article into Google’s search bar, to see if I can locate where it was published. Today, I did just that with my most recent sold article which was an extensive, … More A Tearful Validation

Your vs. One’s

Received notification from one of the online content sellers for whom I write. They scolded me for using the term “one’s” rather than “your”, explaining that “one’s” is standoffish, prudish, unfriendly. Wow! I honestly never thought that deeply about the difference between the two pronouns. In trying to lessen the repetition of words, I often … More Your vs. One’s


And now, for some blogging! “To be is to do – Socrates, To do is to be – Sartre,  Do Be Do Be Do – Sinatra” ― Kurt Vonnegut