My Wild Hair

Every summer, over the past five years, I become overwhelmed with my unruly hair. The humidity inflates each and every hair strand, making them stand on end. I end up looking like a long lost relative of Albert Einstein.

Speaking of Einstein, he said,“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” I remembered that quote when I walked into the hair salon yesterday, ready to have my hair chopped short again. The hairstylist asked me what I wanted to be done, and I told her that I wasn’t sure what could possibly be done with my hair. I was sure there was no hope, and the only solution was to cut it very short again.

Fortunately, the stylist looked closely at the shape of my face, size of body/shoulders, and told me that I would look great in short hair. I told her that I had been wanting to grow my hair longer, for the past five years, but every rainy season, I end up having it chopped off out of sheer frustration.

She explained to me that my hair would benefit from some ‘stacking’, it would lighten up the heaviness of all the hair on the back of my head, and give it some style. I trusted her, thinking that it was a better option than cutting it all off.

When I left the salon, I felt WONDERFUL! My hair is still short, but longer than it had been. It is growing out, and thanks to the cut and a product to spray onto my hair prior to blow-drying, my hair will not balloon outward anymore! YAY! By next year at this time, I will be wearing my hair in a ponytail!

Interviewer: ‘So Frank, you have long hair. Does that make you a woman?’
Frank Zappa: ‘You have a wooden leg. Does that make you a table?

― Frank Zappa

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