Cutting the Cable

We have been with our cable company for thirteen years. They have provided our landline phone, cable t.v., and internet with less than stellar performance. We have wanted to switch to another provider, but due to FCC regulations, the company that provides service to areas only a mile away from us is not able to provide their service in our area. I think this is wrong!

While paying bills a few days ago, I cringed to see that Cox cable company increased its rates once again. For better service? No, of course not. I had enough!

I ordered three fire sticks for the three t.v.s in our home and will be subscribing to Hulu for local television broadcasts plus many other channels. We will not be losing any stations when making this switch, and actually gaining some.

Insofar as the phone, I canceled my cell service with T mobile and signed up with Verizon. I received a ‘new’ phone – newer than the one I had with T mobile which they didn’t support anymore, and have been informing all business accounts, friends and family of our new phone status.

Dropping Cox cable for phone and television cable service will save us around $150/month. I think I hear a song in the background… Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye!!

The number one rule of thieves is that nothing is too small to steal.
– Jimmy Breslin

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