True Artists

Featured Photo Copyright: Gerd Altmann           While writing stories for anthologies, I have learned that I do not particularly care for writing 100-word stories. Nor do I care for reading them. Yet, these stories are the first on my journey toward building an indie profile. I am grateful to the publishers … More True Artists

New Release!

Originally posted on Eddie D. Moore:
Nomadic Delirium Press released two of my stories under a single title today, Two For One: Lunch Gone Wrong & Greater Need. Lunch Gone Wrong was originally published in The Martian Wave: 2017, and Greater Need was published in The Martian Wave: 2018. For 99 cents you can have…

Cutting the Cable

We have been with our cable company for thirteen years. They have provided our landline phone, cable t.v., and internet with less than stellar performance. We have wanted to switch to another provider, but due to FCC regulations, the company that provides service to areas only a mile away from us is not able to … More Cutting the Cable

My Wild Hair

Every summer, over the past five years, I become overwhelmed with my unruly hair. The humidity inflates each and every hair strand, making them stand on end. I end up looking like a long lost relative of Albert Einstein. Speaking of Einstein, he said,“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different … More My Wild Hair

Call for Action!

I am sickened and furious! Typically, not an activist in any way, but, this story just broke yesterday and I am appalled, as should be any human being! We need to act now! I am calling for a BOYCOTT OF COCA COLA and ALL of their products and affiliates!!! Coca Cola Products: Coca-Cola (Coke)Diet Coke … More Call for Action!